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Short, focussed workshops held by classically-trained artists, teaching drawing in charcoal and chalk and painting in oils. Boost your art with structured, practical and inspirational tuition. Ideal for beginner, intermediate and advanced artists.

Date: Monday August 10, 2020 - Friday August 14, 2020
Venue: Raw Umber Studios
Tutor: Emanuela De Musis
Cost: £600.00

In this workshop, you will be introduced to an indirect painting method for classical portraiture. Using comparative measurement, you will paint a head and shoulders portrait in raw umber and lead white. Next, you will execute a small full palette study that determines the specific color mixtures and establishes, in the most simplified manner, the value range that will best achieve a light effect and create volume.

Date: Wednesday August 19, 2020 - Sunday August 23, 2020
Venue: Raw Umber Studios
Tutor: Cornelia Hernes and Stephen Bauman
Cost: £600.00

In this five day intensive portrait workshop, you will draw the portrait for two days and then paint the same model in the same pose for three days. While we will explore the portrait in these two mediums, we will also investigate the elements that remain a constant through these mediums, such as observation techniques and the foundation for structure.

Date: Monday September 21, 2020 - Thursday September 24, 2020
Venue: Raw Umber Studios
Tutor: Teresa Oaxaca
Cost: £650.00

Students will paint from the live model in this four day portrait painting workshop. Instructor Teresa Oaxaca will work in oils and demonstrate over the course of four days her direct and layered approach to painting the portrait.

Date: Tuesday October 13, 2020 - Friday October 16, 2020
Venue: Raw Umber Studios
Tutor: David Shevlino
Cost: £480.00

Join David Shevlino and learn about painting alla prima (wet into wet) and the techniques used to create a fresh, direct response to your subjects. You’ll learn about composition, value, color, light and shadow and how to simplify forms. You’ll spend 2 days on a still life and 2 days working from a live model.

Date: Monday November 16, 2020 - Thursday November 19, 2020
Venue: Raw Umber Studios
Tutor: Rupert Alexander

This 4 day course is a rare opportunity to study closely with one of the UK’s foremost portrait painters. Rupert Alexander has painted several members of the Royal Family, including HRH the Queen. With a maximum of 6 students and 2 students per model, this is an intense, highly focussed course.

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