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This is the best drawing instruction I’ve seen anywhere- Miriam Danar
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We run regular, tutored online drawing sessions. They’re a great way to carve out a time to focus on your art each week.
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Missed a session? Or want to find a session based on its subject matter, tutor or materials used? You can search our library of hundreds of portrait, figure, landscape and still lifes here
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Looking for a reference photo? Search our library of 1,200+ images by model type, pose and so on here
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We have a number of 3d reference models too – you can view annotated, anatomical sculptures and real people in three dimensions. Go here
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You can share your work from our sessions and reference libraries, and see other people’s too. Go here
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The perfect, challenging stimulus to develop and improve my own style of portrait and figure drawing [...] a super set of reference materials and videos to go back to.
- Mike Sykes
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