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With the festive season upon us, we thought we’d remind you about our gift options… We now offer 3 month, 6 month and 12 month gift vouchers for our online classes.

We have a great community of students of all ages and from all backgrounds. Some come to workshops; others come to regular Tuesday classes; yet more follow our online lessons with Lizet. Here’s a few of their stories…

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Lizet Dingemans teaches representational art. Yet it’s the ambiguity – the gap between outside reality and the brain’s reconstruction of that reality – that particularly fascinates her. Read on for her artist spotlight with Katie Jarvis…

Lizet Dingemans, our artist-in-residence and one of our regular tutors, explains more about the representational techniques she believes essential for all artists.

Starting 6th September 2022, Raw Umber Studios will be hosting weekly drop-in drawing sessions. Artists of all levels welcome! Booking not required.

We’ve recently improved our video search, and added a brand new image search feature!

Teresa Oaxaca talks us through a few things – ordinary and extraordinary – that have inspired her: from childhood, on to her award-winning fine art oil and portrait paintings of today.

We’re offering two half-price tickets to Lizet’s still-life workshop on the weekend September 24th – 25th 2022. So that’s just £100 for two days of intensive, personalised tuition. To be eligible, you need to be 18 or over, and 30 or under, on September 24th 2022.

Artist and teacher Oliver Sin shares a day in his life, along with the struggles he has faced to become the person he is today.

In this episode of Studio Essentials, Lizet Dingemans shares how shapes make up the portrait, and how can find them.

In this episode of Studio Essentials, Lizet Dingemans talks us through how to measure a portrait accurately and easily.

In this episode of Studio Essentials at Raw Umber Studios, Lizet Dingemans gives us her tried and tested tips on charcoal sharpening. Make sure to check out the full video!

We talk to Luca Indraccolo, a leading painter of the human form, about how he embarked on his career in art.

Lizet Dingemans gives us her quick tips on how to clean your paint brushes in this Raw Umber Short. Make sure to check out the full video!

Values are, without contest, the most important element in conveying solidity and atmosphere in a painting. Read on as Charlie Pickard talks us through how to approach and simplify your values!

We’ve negotiated a 5% discount at Pegasus Art for all our subscribers. Read here to find out more.

Join Lydia Cecil as she paints an aubergine in just 15 shapes. And then have a go yourself, and you could win £50 of vouchers from Pegasus Art


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