Portrait painting in acrylics part 1 - an overview of painting in acrylics
Lizet Dingemans
In this exciting new course, Lizet Dingemans will be teaching how to paint portraits in acrylics. Over the course of 4 lessons, Lizet will cover the fundamentals of painting in acrylics and explain how it differs from oil painting.

She will cover materials, proportions, measurement, values, edges and colours - everything that you need to create a realistic portrait. Each session is self-contained and painted in real-time so you can paint along if you like. You will paint a complete portrait in each session. In addition, each session will have a particular focus:

Week 1 - Basics of how to use acrylics
Week 2 - How to mix realistic skin tones
Week 3 - Painting a monochromatic portrait
Week 4 - Tiling using patches of colours (no mixing on the canvas allowed!)

The first session is free, and the rest are available to our gold subscribers.