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Magdalena Kusowska
Friday 8 July, 2022
Join Magdalena Kusowska and paint a Cotswolds landscape in this 2 part series. Along the way you'll learn about materials, tools, techniques and a whole load of handy hints.
Patrick Jackson
Monday 1 November, 2021
In this week's hour-long session, Patrick Jackson will be demonstrating three 20-minute quick studies of various landscapes using oil paint.
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Patrick Jackson
Monday 4 October, 2021
In the first of our new monthly landscape sessions with Patrick Jackson, we'll be painting a simple Italian view. Patrick will be giving tips and advice on blocking-in, atmospheric perspective, approaches to landscape elements, and more.
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Patrick Jackson
Monday 19 July, 2021
In this exciting landscape painting course, Patrick Jackson will introduce landscape painting. Over the course of 4 lessons, he'll cover materials and equipment, tools and techniques, composition, linear and atmospheric perspective, how to realistically paint trees, clouds, and skies, and how to start and finish a landscape painting. Patrick will be painting both in the studio and outside. We'll provide reference photos you can follow along from. Although Patrick will be painting in oils, the principles apply to all media.
Friday 25 September, 2020
Watch Magdalena Kusowska paint a landscape from the Cotswolds and as she shares advice on tools, materials and techniques
Patrick Jackson
Monday 14 December, 2020
Patrick Jackson is an avid sketcher and believes in travelling light. In this 30-minute video, we'll get a peek into his travel sketching pouch and listen to his tips and tricks on materials you need for sketching, indoors and outdoors, in watercolour and gouache.
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