Half price places for under 30s on Lizet Dingemans’s still life workshop

We’re offering a workshop bursary to young artists: help us spread the word!

Are you an aspiring artist aged between 18 and 30? Or do you know anyone who fits those criteria?

As many of you already know, Raw Umber Studios is a not-for-profit art school and studio; and we want to use that status to try to make high-quality tuition available to as wide a range of people as possible.

In the first of a series of initiatives, we’re offering two half-prices places on our September still life workshop with Lizet Dingemans, our artist in residence. The cost of £200 per person will be reduced to £100 each for two people aged between 18 and 30. Applicants will need to submit a link to an online account, such as Instagram, demonstrating a range of their work.

The workshop – which is open to all ages and abilities – is not only a chance to enjoy the technique of still life; it is also a solid foundation for progressing to other types of art, including portraits, figures and landscapes. The 12 participants will be able to bring in their own objects – shiny, furry, colourful, matt – anything related to their interests. The only limits are imagination!

Lizet, who trained at Florence’s prestigious Angel Academy and the London Atelier of Representational Art, will share a wealth of knowledge about oil painting. And each student will leave with two finished pictures.

Here at Raw Umber, we delight in finding classically trained artists of outstanding ability to teach our classes, and we want all kinds of people, of all ages, to be able to benefit from that. This year, for example, tutors have included Oliver Sin, whose portraits of Virginia Woolf and Emmy Noether were used as TIME magazine covers in 2020; and regular BP Portrait award exhibitor Anastasia Pollard. Outstandingly talented individuals who share a desire to help others progress and achieve.

The past two years and more have been a particularly difficult time for young people. Among other things, we know that art can be an aid to good mental health, which is why we’re reaching out with this initiative – the first of many we intend to promote to all kinds of people from all sorts of backgrounds.

In terms of applicants for the subsidised places, we’re looking for passion above all else. Even if someone has never painted before, the key elements are interest and a desire to learn.

If you are aged between 18 and 30 inclusive on September 24, 2022, we’d love you to apply via the form below.

If you don’t qualify, then please help us spread the word!

To apply, fill in the form below:

The deadline is 31st July 2022. We’ll get back to you shortly after that.


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