COVID measures

There will be a maximum of 16 people in the studio at any one time – 12 students, a tutor and a maximum of 3 models. Our new studio is a large space – this leaves plenty of room for social distancing. We will also make sure the space is well ventilated.

We will do our best to maintain social distancing wherever possible by, for example, setting the easels 2 metres apart and standing at least 2 metres from the model.

When this is impractical (for example, when the tutor is giving feedback on your work), we recommend you wear a mask.

Wearing face masks for the entirety of the course probably won’t be practical, but that is your choice and we will respect it. Surfaces will be wiped down at the end of every day, and we will supply hand gel.

If you are ill, then please don’t attend, and you will be refunded for the sessions you miss. If you have COVID-19 symptoms then you should seek a test ASAP. If anybody – including the model or tutor – tests positive for COVID-19 the course will be cancelled, you will be refunded for the unused portion of the course, and you should follow current government guidelines. For obvious reasons, we cannot reimburse for any travel or accommodation expenses you might have incurred.

While we will do what we can to minimise risks, ultimately it is up to you to evaluate the risks and decide whether to sign up for the course or not.


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